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Our Online Course Overview

Our online 6-week program. Where you will emerge with confidence and skills to participate in any golf event

Introduction to Golf and its Benefits
Golf Fundamentals
Golf Etiquette and Rules
Building Your Golf Network
Golf and Leadership Skills
Leveraging Golf for Career Advancement

Why Golf?

Check out some of the facts and statistics about golf's impact on a career and networking.

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Fortune 500 CEO's Play Golf

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Women who play make $36k more compared to men

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Executives from Forbes agree that playing golf aids in establishing new business contacts

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business professionals see golf as the perfect networking sport, with many reporting that some of their biggest deals were made on the golf course.

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higher level of discipline in personal and professional settings compared to non-golfers.

The Program Benefits

Why Should I Join?

Guidance & Support

Benefit from personalized coaching and support from seasoned golf professionals and mentors, ensuring a steep and enjoyable learning curve.

Career & Personal Development:

Leverage the sport to break the ice in professional settings, foster meaningful relationships, and open doors to new career opportunities.

One Day At A Time

Throughout this 6 week online program you can take it day by day to the speed that suites you. The program is designed to enhance your golf skills, from technical proficiency to understanding golf's strategic and social nuances.

Community & Networking

Join a community of like-minded individuals. Form lasting connections, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities in a supportive environment.

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Fundamentals Golf Program Reviews

“Shayain is wonderful at breaking through the things that new golfers find intimidating, and helping build a confident foundation to get out and play. She is an excellent instructor, helping dissect parts of a swing and helping golfers focus on key pieces to get a feel for. This group session was a joy!”
John P.
“I grew up on a golf course. My father and husband are avid golfers. I've never really gotten into the sport, and yet I have had so many opportunities to do so. I now have two boys and my husband is helping them with their game -- immediately I wanted to learn also! I ran into Coach Shayain, and wow! She is Heaven sent! For a rookie like me, she teaches in a way that makes sense and isn't forced. The lessons she provides are easy to pick up and difficult to forget. She knows her craft and I'm so happy I am learning from her. She truly is THE BEST! And yes, being a double minority is a plus in my book! Working with Coach Shayain is a win/win all around!”
Mahogani C.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

In-Person Golf Experience

Enjoy one-on-one coaching with Coach Shayain. Receive personalized attention to refine your skills and address specific challenges.

Benefit from instant feedback. Coach Shayain observes and corrects your form and technique on the spot, optimizing your learning process.

Experience hands-on, interactive sessions. Work directly with Coach Shayain to master golf fundamentals and leadership skills.

Engage in group coaching sessions. Interact with peers, fostering a collaborative environment for shared learning and networking.

Practice on actual golf courses. Coach Shayain guides you through real-time situations, enhancing your ability to apply skills on the course.

Who is this for?

Team Building, Networking, Employee Resources Groups, Staff Outings, Sales & Sponsorship Teams

Our in-person clinic is designed for companies and brands aiming to foster team cohesion and enhance employee well-being. 

Elevate your corporate culture with the in-person clinic, turning a shared golf experience into a memorable and impactful team-building opportunity.

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